Welcome to PyAirmore

pyairmore is an Airmore client library which helps you get information from and manage your Android device. With PyAirmore, you can:

  • Get detailed information about your device (*)
  • Send, view and manage your messages
  • Manage, add and delete contacts
  • Send and receive files
  • and many more...

(*) are the features that it currently has.


pyairmore is licensed under Apache Software License 2.0. See the license.


pyairmore requires Python version 3.5 and above to work.

Also, pyairmore uses requests to handle request-response cycle between you (client) and Airmore server.


If you want to develop pyairmore, see development requirements.


You can use pip, easy_install or setup.py from package to install pyairmore.

Via pip

pip install pyairmore

Via easy_install

easy_install pyairmore

Via setup.py

python setup.py install

Getting Started

In this basic example, you will learn to get information about your device's status. First, you need to import several things:

from ipaddress import IPv4Address
from pyairmore.request import AirmoreSession
from pyairmore.services.device import DeviceService

Then, you need to initialize an AirmoreSession instance.

ip = IPv4Address("192.168.1.x")  # whatever server's address is
session = AirmoreSession(ip)  # port is default to 2333


If you do not know the target device's port, open Airmore application, press the menu button on top-right corner and press "Get IP". You will get your IP and port.

You will need this session instance in order to create a DeviceService instance.

service = DeviceService(session)

Then you can get details about your device:

details = service.fetch_device_details()
details.power  # 0.65
details.brand  # gm


Make sure the target device is not locked and better has Airmore opened. After you fetch_device_details, you will probably to receive an authorization dialog from the target device's Airmore application.

What's Further

You can check out services to see what you can do with Airmore server.

If you intend to develop, you might also want to see how requesting and sessions work, check todos or watch issues.